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E-Books / Online publications / Language documentation

- Fachgebärdenlexikon Psychologie (1994)

- Fachgebärdenlexikon Gärtnerei und Landschaftsbau (2017)

- Taubwissen (2017/2023)

- Promoting Excellence in Sign Language Instruction (2019)

- Meine DGS - Öffentliches Korpus der Deutschen Gebärdensprache, 3. Release (2020)

- International Sign Language: Sociolinguistic Aspects (2022)

Selected Publications

1. Linguistics of Sign Languages

Rathmann, C. G., & Mathur, G. (2002). Is Verb Agreement The Same Cross-Modally?. In Modality and Structure in Signed Language and Spoken Language (pp. 370-404). Cambridge University Press.

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Rathmann, C. (2020) Situation types in American Sign Language. Semantics of Under- Represented Languages in the Americas: Vol. 2.
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de Quadros, R. M., Rathmann, C., Mesch, J., & da Silva, J. B. (2020). Documentação de Línguas de Sinais. Fórum Linguístico, 17(4), 5444-5456.

Napoli, D. J., de Quadros, R. M., & Rathmann, C. (2022). Alignment Mouth Demonstrations in Sign Languages. Sign Language Studies, 22(3), 359-398.

2. Psycholinguistics of Sign Languages

Mirus, G., Rathmann, C., & Meier, R. P. (2001). Proximalization and Distalization of. Signed languages. In Dively, V., Metzger, M., Baer, A. M., & Taub, S. (Eds.). Signed languages: Discoveries from international research. Gallaudet University Press.

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3. Sociolinguistics of Sign Languages

Braem, P. B., & Rathmann, C. (2010). Transmission of sign languages in Northern Europe. In: D. Brentari (Ed.). Sign Languages. Cambridge University Press

De Quadros, R., & Rathmann, C. (2021). Sign Language Standardization. In W. Ayres-Bennett & J. Bellamy (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Language Standardization (Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics, pp. 765-788). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/9781108559249.030

Rathmann, C. & Quadros, R. (2022). International Sign Language. Sociolinguistic Aspects. 

4. Language Acquisition and Language Rights of Deaf Children

Kushalnagar, P., Mathur, G., Moreland, C. J., Napoli, D. J., Osterling, W., Padden, C., & Rathmann, C. (2010). Infants and children with hearing loss need early language access. The Journal of clinical ethics, 21(2), 140-142.

Humphries, T., Kushalnagar, P., Mathur, G., Napoli, D., Padden, C., Rathmann, C. & Smith, S. et al. (2012). Language acquisition for deaf children: Reducing the harms of zero tolerance to the use of alternative approaches. Harm Reduct J 9, 16.

Humphries, T., Kushalnagar, P., Mathur, G., Napoli, D. J., Padden, C., & Rathmann, C. (2014). Ensuring language acquisition for deaf children: What linguists can do. Language, 90(2), e31-e52.

Humphries, T., Mathur, G., Napoli, D., & Rathmann, C. (2023). Sign Language and Multimodality as Indicators of Health for Deaf Newborns and Young Children: Guidance for Families and Medical Professionals. Medical Research Archives, 11(1). doi:10.18103/mra.v11i1.3280

5. Deaf Studies

Humphries, T., Kushalnagar, P., Mathur, G., Napoli, D. J., Padden, C., Rathmann, C., & Smith, S. (2017). Discourses of prejudice in the professions: The case of sign languages. Journal of Medical Ethics, 43(9), 648-652.

Rathmann, C., & Geissler, T. (2020). Revisiting Discourse in Deaf Studies in Germany. Deaf Studies Digital Journal, 5.

6. Interpreting and Translation

Napier, J., Cameron, A. M., Leeson, L., Rathmann, C., Peters, C., Sheikh, H., Conama, J. B., & Moiselle, R. (2020). Employment for deaf signers in Europe: Research findings from the DESIGNS project. (Centre for Deaf Studies Monograph Series; Vol. 5). Trinity College Dublin.

Stone, C., Adam, R., de Quadros, R. M., & Rathmann, C. (Eds.). (2022). The Routledge Handbook of Sign Language Translation and Interpreting. Taylor & Francis.